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Installing Smilify Plugin in Octopress

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So, I just installed octopress and published a hello world post, but the smilies(emoticons) didn't converted to icons [surprised]

No Worry, i asked uncle G and now writing down the procedure in case i forgot it in future [tongue-out]


The smilify plugin is here jekyll_smilify

git clone git://

Assuming we cloned octopress to ~/octopress and jekyll_smilify to ~/jekyll_smilify

cd jekyll_smilify/
cp plugins/smilify.rb ~/octopress/plugins/
cp -r source/images/smileys ~/octopress/source/images/
cp -r source/_include/smileys/ ~/octopress/source/_includes/smileys/

Placing things in write place is done. Now need to enable the contents to filter through Smilify.


Open ~/octopress/source/_layouts/default.html and replace

{{ content | expand_urls: root_url }}


{{ content | expand_urls: root_url | smilify }}

Then, open ~/octopress/source/_layouts/page.html and replace

{{ content }}


{{ content | smilify }}


I see the css of the octopress theme was making the smiles to have a border around it and drop-shadow applied, which looks ugly. To fix this,

Open ~/octopresssass/custom/_styles.scss and add

img.smiley { border : none ; box-shadow: 0 0 0 0 }

All Done [grin]

NB: We need to active the plugin again after installing a new theme.