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Dynamic Symfony Project Configuration in Nginx

When we start a new symfony/laravel/{enter random framework here} project there are two tasks we need to do first. Create a new vhost, and add new entry in /etc/hosts. Today i'm trying to implement a little nginx trick to eliminate the first task.

How to Make Persistent Ubuntu Live Virtualbox Image

OK, i've read the title, wtf is that ? So first i'm going to explain what i'm going to do, and why i'm doing it. When we want to try ubuntu without installing, we have two option,

  1. Throw the iso into virtualbox and taste the new system.
  2. Make a live usb disk and boot my computer from it.

Dealing With Chrome’s Corrupt Profile

This is a common thing for any chrome user. The profile of chrome gets corrupted after sometimes and you will be provided with a "Your Profile is corrupted" etc… error message, and your profile is stuck, it doesn't get saved, saved cookies, site data etc… will be gone each time you close chrome. Chrome uses sqlite3 for various databases for its profile. But sqlite3 database tends to corrupt very often, especially in case of a power failure.

Site Version Plugin for Jekyll/octopress

Disclaimer: I dont know ruby. Not even know how to print hello world. So dont blame me for using bash [tongue-out]

Check my site's footer. You'll see a site version ####. What is it ? Its just a fancy jekyll plugin i created that shows a version based on git commit. Everytime you add a new commit to your site source, the version increases.

Using Twitter’s Embedded Timeline as Data Source

The title is kinda ambiguous, i know. We all know that twitter has introduced api 1.1 and removed api 1.0. Now in 1.0 we could get any public user'r timeline without auth. So we could just get users timeline as jsonp and create a twitter widget like "Recent Tweets" without any server side code. But…… those good old days are gone. Now you need a twitter client and need to make oauth-authorized request to get that data. And obviously that rules out the client side implementation as no one would publish his token,secret,key etc.. in a public accessible javascript file.

How to Use Aria2 for Downloading in Zypper

Zypper, the great featureful package manager for opensuse uses curl for downloading as default. On the other side, aria2, is one of the best multi-threaded download manager available for *nix. Zypper has a aria2 plugin for a long time but usually not activated by default.

Let's make zypper download packages in the speed of light using aria2 [grin]

Mysql Utf/latin Collation and Bangla Nightmare

Those who maintain a non-english/bangla blog, forum or site, this type of problems are kinda common. The most common problem is seeing ??????, and fix: go and change collation to utf8 [grin] But my problem started from this simple (yes it looked simple [confused] ) problem but ended up a nightmare.

Streaming a Mumble Session Over Icecast

This guide is heavily based on derek's guide but i used liquidsoap instead of darkice and vnc for headless linux server.

Lets say you have some users talking in a mumble server and want to brodcast that conversation but dont want people to join and interfare but want people able to listen to. So, here's how to do that.

Installing Smilify Plugin in Octopress

So, I just installed octopress and published a hello world post, but the smilies(emoticons) didn't converted to icons [surprised]

No Worry, i asked uncle G and now writing down the procedure in case i forgot it in future [tongue-out]

Hello World

So, I finally managed to collect enough courage to publish a blog to the internet, Hurray !

For a virtual_vagabond type people like me, who can't organize anything [tongue-out] i think it is a daunting challenge to regularly maintain a blog.